Jo Ann Richards, passionate speaker

Jo Ann Richards, passionate speaker


Jo Ann has incredible stories to tell about human-ET contact!

Jo Ann Richards is Executive Director of the educational non-profit, Earth Defense Headquarters ( Her husband, Mark Richards, and his father, Ellis Loyd Richards, were involved with top-level military intelligence operations since World War II, many including on-world and off-world contact and battles with various alien species.

Jo Ann speaks about her knowledge of military operations and secret meetings that both these men were involved with. She shares information about numerous alien species, the secret space fleet, and battles with aliens on- and off-world.

Topics for presentations

  • Alien Contact – Alien Species

  • Exeter Interstellar Treaty Conference

  • Persepolis Interstellar Treaty Conference

  • Secret Bases in the Middle East/Central Asia

  • Secret Space Program

  • Battle of Vesta

  • Battle of Harvest Moon

  • Battle of China Gates

  • The Dulce Base & Battle

  • Raptors in Scotland

  • Tarija UFO Crash

Jo Ann hosted “News & Clues from EDH” on Project Camelot TV Network.
Jo Ann has been a guest on numerous radio and TV shows, as well as conference presenter. Both Jo Ann and Mark have been interviewed by Project Camelot.